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20 Myths About DAW

20 Myths About DAW

The DAW one uses plays an important role in determining the quality of the final track recorded. This is because some aspects of different kinds of music are more suited by certain DAWs than others. Because of this a number of myths have emerged about DAWs with different people believing different things. Here are the top 20 myths about DAWs.

1. Any DAW can perform any task provided it has been properly prepared. The truth is that there are DAWs which are specifically designed to improve specific aspects of the music being recorded.


2. More bits and higher bit rates are going to improve the quality of the tracks recorded. The truth is that as long as the bits and higher bit rates have reached the necessary standards the quality will be high.

3. DAW can replace talent and hard work. This is a myth because even if you have the best DAW you will sill needs to work hard and have the relevant talent.

4. All the marketing information from the manufacturers is true. The truth is that every manufacturer will try his or her best to try and make his DAW look as if it is the best.

5. One needs to be an expert to be able to use the right DAW. The truth is that the top DAWs usually come with simple instructions which allow anyone with basic computer skills be able to use them.

6. The wav bit depth has a lot of influence on the sound heard. The truth is that regardless of whether the bit depth is 16, 24 or 32 the sound heard will be almost the same.

7. It is not necessary to match the live and rendered sound. The truth is that one needs to match the live and rendered sounds through adjusting the interpolation settings.

8. It is not necessary to know how to mix. The truth is that mixing is the main component that determines the quality of the final track recorded.

9. Louder is always better. This particular DAW myth has resulted to producers making noisy tracks just because they think being loud will be better than leveled sound.

10. All plug-ins have the same behaviors. The truth is that different plug-ins behave differently and therefore it is paramount to choose the right one carefully.

11. Keeping randomization settings on has no effect. The truth is that it is important to disable these settings and only put them one when they are needed.

12. There is a major difference between high end audio format and CD standard. The truth is that the human ear can detect the differences clearly.

13. After getting a DAW one is good to go. The truth is that one needs to know all the other aspects of recording so as to come up with a good track.

14. A single DAW is ideal for all kinds of music. The truth is that there are DAWs which are more suitable for recording particular types of music.

15. Any recorded music is ideal for distribution. The truth is that one needs to covert the music to the CD standard which will be distributed.

16. Using compressor settings is helpful. The truth is that one should avoid these settings unless where absolutely necessary.

17. The A/D and D/A converters perform the same tasks. They truth is that they are designed in a way that they perform different tasks.

18. Recoding different tracks using the same beat is time saving. The truth is that this can work but it increases chances of errors happening.

19. Using DAW does not allow space to correct errors. The truth is that if you get the best DAW you will be able to easily correct the errors that you might make.

20. EKG and respiration rates are not useful. The truth is that these rates have an integral role in guiding the sound engineer on what to do.

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