10 Reasons why you should have Propellerhead Reason DAW

10 Reasons why you should have Propellerhead Reason DAW



Propellerhead Reason has launched their latest version of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which includes few interesting features in it. This one for your information does support Virtual Studio Technology (VST).

For the music lovers out there, DAWs are really important. The Reason version compared any other DAWS have claimed to give some very creative music mixing and many has been inspired by its technology. The users have agreed to it as well.

Here are few amazing reasons why the Propellerhead Reason DAW will inspire you to create music.

1. Hardware Quality

The quality and model of this device is worth having it. The hardware showcases the synthesizers, the effect units, the sound box and all those hardware for producing music.

2. Amazing visuals

When you use the Reason DAW, you get good visual picture of how and where the keys are and how it works. There is no confusing guidelines or such sorts. You get a overview on how the complete system works with the mixer, rack, browser etc.

3. Music mix

When you start using it you can see how largely featured is its mixing console. Creating new mix music with this specific mixer is lot easier where mix channels and parallel mixing is possible. It gives you a great feeling to be creative with the SSL mixing console which was introduced by Reason.

It’s quite a great deal for those who have used other DAWs. VST will a produce incredible effects which you do not find in any other DAWs. Also in the Reason, you can make use of the devices and its effects to control the VST plugin automation which is very significant change brought by Reason

5. Different theme colors

Who doesn’t like colors been added to any device we use. Reason has successfully come up with different themes and people love it.

6. Great Browser

View your recently used instrument, storing your music file and viewing your favorite music in the browser have helped a lot as it is not available in most DAWs. Here it is most organized in the Reason.

7. Possibilities of combinator

This is one of the excellent features from Reason as it can be used to control different keys in the combinator and create your own graphic design for the combinator. It works as a device to stack up and layering to create huge patches.

8. Superfast and easy functions

There are several function keys in the Reason DAW. But what makes it special is that is super easy to work on without complication.

9. Individual blocks

There are individual blocks that separate the chorus, verse etc so that it much easier for the user to work on it. Each element of the music can be separated by this manner and also create blocks for the repeating elements finally you get a complete sketch of your track.

10. Several instruments at a time

There is unlimited ways and possibilities which you can discover through the Reason DAW unlike any other DAW. The Reason DAW helps you to control several instruments at a time and also you can link the different player device.

This Propellerhead Reason DAW is truly made beautiful and also technically has all that you are looking for while having a DAW.

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