Five Essential Cubase Pro 9.0 Mixing Tips

Five Essential Cubase Pro 9.0 Mixing Tips

Music production has gained popularity over time. The art has been in existence for ages now, and it has received a lot of changes throughout the period. Many disk jockeys have earned themselves a lot of cash and revenue through their mixtapes. Cubase is one of the popular application that has been developed to make the mixing of music easier. It is one of the best digital audio workstation that one can use along to make the music mixing an easy task.

These are some of the tips to help when using the Cubase Pro 9.0 mixing application.

Linking Tracks

Linking tracks is one of the basic things that any Cubase user should know about. This application helps its users to cue all the songs that they would love to listen to into one database known as a bus. The Cubase Pro 9.0’s mixer can be used to perform this task. All you need is to select your numerous tracks using the shift key and the link channel option. This will help you to group all the tracks that you want into one channel.

Using the Meter Bridge

The meter bridge is an essential feature if you want to get a good view of all the tracks when you expand the mixer. It can also help you to view all the equalization settings and the songs that you intend to insert into the mixtape. The meter bridge also enables the user to see all the work that you are currently doing and at the same time allows you to do some large format consoles while providing the needed feedback in real time.

Saving and Loading Channel Strip Settings

The Cubase application also offers a saving and loading channel strip settings. When doing your mixing a track you might need to include combinations that will be able to load into the channel settings with this feature you can be able to do this easily. It provides a great vocal chain that facilitates the compressor that makes your group drum to pop up. With the pop-up menu, you can be able to load any track to the channel strip at any given point you want. You can also load previously saved files while still doing the mixing of the tracks.

Using the Bundled Channel Strip EQ

Many changes have been made to the bundled channel strip EQ making it less efficient as some of the third party plugins are being used to substitute its primary function. However, with the Cubase, you will realize that all these plugins cannot match the function that this application executes. The other advantage of the Cubase is that its EQ can be easily activated by clicking on the EQ and it starts to process immediately offering a huge display making it very convenient to use.

Side Chain Routing

Cubase has this inbuilt feature with it. You can activate the side chain button found in the upper section that is located at the plug-ins interface from within any chain compatible plug-in that has been used such as the Cubase’s compressor. You then move back to the channel strip after this has been done.

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