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Ableton Live Mixing Tips

Ableton Live Mixing Tips

Ableton Live has become one of the most popular mixing programs. This is mainly attributed to the fact that this particular software has features that makes it unique. It is also designed in a way that it can be used by almost anyone provided one has the basic mixing skills. Here are helpful and effective Ableton Live mixing tips.


Export All Tracks

Most people do not know that there is an all tracks option in the export menu of this software. Consequently, there are people who still solo each track through exporting manually and this takes a lot of time. It is advisable to choose all tracks and then export them so as to make selection of the track to be played next easier.

Utilize the Equalizer

The way the equalizer is used plays an important role in determining the quality of the mix. It is advisable to boost the 200 Hz and at the same time try to balance an affected version against the original sound. It is not necessary to boost the sub below 100 Hz even though the kick drum is mostly bass. By setting the equalizer properly one is able to produce a better mix using Ableton.

Place Sounds and Tracks In Various Parts Of The Track Spatially

This is an important tip which plays an important role in making the mix produced sound professional. This can be complimented by delaying sounds by milliseconds to make sure that the sound produced is of the right quality. The importance of this is that humans hear sounds in three dimensions and as a result applying this will allow people to hear even the back ground sounds.

Turn It Down When In Doubts

It is always hard to tell whether something sounds right when one is not listening closely. This makes it hard to notice flaws in a mix. But by turning down one is able to hear even the flaws and therefore be able to rectify effectively. This is even more helpful than having someone listen to the mix for even the other people can miss the flaws especially if they are not professionals.


When using Albeton Live it is advisable to experiment as much as possible. This is because experimenting allows one to discover new things and techniques. Even if one knows how to mix it is always helpful to try out new things because this is what helps one to be an expert.

Keep It Dynamic

It is a known fact that when compressing the entire track the compression boosts the quitter parts. In case one boosts everything the dynamic range of the songs in the mix will be taken away. The loud parts of the songs will be more powerful especially if they follow quitter parts. By keeping it dynamic the sounds will be more balanced and as a result the people listening will want to hear even more.

Test In Mono

The club sounds usually have huge differences when compared with mono. This is because mono is the ultimate thing that determines the quality of the sound even in the clubs. By testing the sounds to be mixed one is able to tell in case there are any mistakes. One can stick the mono utility present on the kicks and the bass sounds instruments. Therefore, by applying the outlined Ableton Live mixing tips one is able to produce better quality mixes using this particular modern software.