10 Reasons why you should have Propellerhead Reason DAW

                     Propellerhead Reason has launched their latest version of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which includes few interesting features in it. This one for your information does support Virtual Studio Technology (VST). For the music lovers out there, DAWs are really important. The Reason version compared any […]

Ableton Live Mixing Tips

Ableton Live has become one of the most popular mixing programs. This is mainly attributed to the fact that this particular software has features that makes it unique. It is also designed in a way that it can be used by almost anyone provided one has the basic mixing skills. Here are helpful and effective […]

20 Myths About DAW

The DAW one uses plays an important role in determining the quality of the final track recorded. This is because some aspects of different kinds of music are more suited by certain DAWs than others. Because of this a number of myths have emerged about DAWs with different people believing different things. Here are the […]

5 Tools Everyone In The DAW Industry Should Be Using

The DAW or Digital Audio Workstation is an application software which is used for recording, producing and editing various musical pieces, speech, songs and sound effects. There are certain tools that are very much essential for the people related to this industry. Some of the best DAW tools that you must try are listed below:   #1: […]

Informative And Educative 10 Quick Tips About Daw

Producing a track can be an exciting and challenging experience. This is mainly because to make a good track one has to ensure that all the qualities are included. The quality of the track does not necessarily have to matter with the DAW used. But it is important to optimize the DAW optimally. Here are […]

Digital Audio Workstations: An Overview

Long gone are the days when music recording used to be done on the hardware-based systems such as analog tape machines. In the digital era, musicians come with digital recording studio at home. It occurs as the resultant of the alterations in the way in which people make music with the aid of computerized system. […]

Five Essential Cubase Pro 9.0 Mixing Tips

Music production has gained popularity over time. The art has been in existence for ages now, and it has received a lot of changes throughout the period. Many disk jockeys have earned themselves a lot of cash and revenue through their mixtapes. Cubase is one of the popular application that has been developed to make […]

Best DAW Software 2017

If you love music and are on the lookout for the right software for editing, recording and also producing of new audio files, then you will have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. It also could be the best tool to bring together speeches, offer special sound effects and of course edit and […]